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Electronic Circuit


Experienced and Strategic.



Ram is a Registered Patent Agent and holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering and a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with an Information Technology (IT) focus. Ram has over fourteen years of experience in both patent prosecution and patent research and has prepared and prosecuted patent applications for a variety of Fortune 500 clients in diverse technical areas including: encryption/security/authentication systems, communications, analog circuitry, digital circuitry, semiconductor technology, nanotechnology, digital signal processing, telecommunications, cellular networks (e.g., TDMA, CDMA), wireless communications and applications, work flow management, computer networks, e-commerce applications, XML/WML-based applications, middleware applications, Java-based applications, encryption, and e-mail, computer security and chemical (e.g., coatings/adhesives, pharmaceuticals, polymers, compositions).  Ram has experience overseeing a staff of over 20 people consisting of patent agents, art unit managers, and patent researchers.  In addition to specializing in patent application prosecution and preparation, Ram specializes in conducting examiner interviews on behalf of various Fortune 500 clients.


Senior Patent Searcher

Sejal C. Gangar holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has 7 years of work experience at Motorola including semiconductor fabrication and device development in the Advanced Product and Research Development Laboratory (APRDL/MOS-13) and sub-100nm CMOS design including work on static and dynamic custom circuits such as latches, adders, muxes and comparators. Sejal holds six U.S. issued patents in the microelectronics field. Sejal has over five years of experience as a patent researcher.


Executive Assistant | Patent Secretary

Brandi is responsible for IP Authority’s docketing for patent prosecution, electronic filings, and patent prosecution administration.  She is also responsible with coordinating all patent prosecution activities between the patent office, our foreign associates, our office and our clients.  Brandi has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property administration.

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